5 Best Size Inclusive Bridesmaid Dresses

This year is set to beat the record for number of weddings, since 1984. So chances are, you might be going to wedding soon. I am rounding up some of my favorite places to shop for bridesmaid dresses with a great size range. Not in the wedding party but still need a dress? I got you!! I’ll also include a few great options for wedding guests.

Baltic Born

When my cousin got married last year, we were told what color she wanted but she allowed us to pick the style and where it came from. This is when I found Baltic Born. They have a huge selection of colors, styles and textures and ranges in sizes XS-3X. I absolutely LOVED my satin-like dress, it was a perfect fit. It is by far my favorite bridesmaid dress I’ve ever worn! I sized up to a XXXL, I typically wear a XL-XXL

Satin Baltic Born Dress in Blush

David’s Bridal

Good old David’s Bridal is always very reliable. Especially when the bride wants a more cohesive bridal party. I’ve gone to them for years, including last year, when my best got married in Hawaii. She picked out a color but allowed us to choose the style.This is the one I ultimately chose.

David’s Bridal Dress in Dessert Coral


While their selection is smaller, they have some great styles to choose from. Ranges in sizes XS-4X or 0-28. If you are looking for something a little more unique, Modcloth is a great place to look.

The Dainty Yard on Etsy

If you have never heard of an infinity/multiway dress, check this one out. It’s a wrap dress that can be worn multiple way, I don’t even know how many way. You can choose to show as much or as little skin as you feel comfortable with. It’s flattering on different body types, it’s even baby bump friendly! I wish I had found this dress when I was searching last year. This infinity dress comes in waist sizes 22″-53″.


Asos has an endless amount of styles and colors to choose from. I love that they have options specifically for petite, tall, curve and maternity. Their sizes range from 2-24.

If you are a wedding guest, Asos, Modcloth, David’s Bridal and Baltic Born also carry great options.

I recently found Universal Standard and let me tell you, I absolutely love how size inclusive they are. Click the image below to check out three of my favorite options.

You should feel comfortable and confident in your dress. Have fun and let me know if you have any recommendations you’d like to share. 

XO, Em

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