Hi Queens!

I’m Emely, the content creator behind Lux and Pups and @emelyturish on social media. My blog started off as a way to connect with others obsessed with luxury designer handbags. Now, it is so much more.

Through L&P, I hope to encourage people to love themselves just as they are right now. Body positivity and queer inclusivity are two topics I am passionate about, Lux and Pups to express that.

When I am not creating content, I am hanging out with my best friend, my wife of about 7 years. You can read our love story here, it’s my favorite. Travel is a big part of our relationship, which I share here. Up until December 2021, we had a 12 year old husky/german shepherd mix. He gain is angel wing and we miss him everyday. We are so lucky to have been his moms.

If you’d like to read more, check out my magazine features here, here and a feature my wife and I did in partnership with Dia & Co for Pride.

XO, Emely

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