Pet Parent Essentials to Spoil Your Dog

essential products for dog parents

This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx. All opinions are my own.

It is no secret that Bruno is the apple of my eye. He is our baby boy and we LOVE to spoil him any chance we get. We even take him to Colorado every year, just so he can play in the snow.

Our boy gets only the best, so I am excited to share a list of products that have Bruno and my stamp of approval. Thank you to our friends at BabbleBoxx for introducing us to some of these brands, a few we already knew and loved.

Here are a few products that any pet parents should check out:

  • Fruitables Biggies Almond Butter & Coconut
  • Fruitables pb n’ joy Peanut Butter & Banana
  • Dog Toys from Multipet
  • Vet’s Best Ear Cleaner Kit and Advance Joint & Hip supplement
  • Oratene Brushless Oral Care
  • Doggo Doing Things Book
  • iDig from iFetch

Fruitables Biggies Almond Butter & Coconut and pb n’ joy Peanut Butter & Banana

If you ask Bruno, these are probably his favorites from this list. We are already fans of Fruitables. The Biggies Almond Butter & Coconut are full of flavor and smell incredible. They are a natural dog treat made with real almond butter and coconut which I love. Bruno loves them because they are delicious. The pb n’ joy Peanut Butter & Banana are also all-natural made with real peanut butter and bananas. I prefer these because of the soft, chewy texture which are gentle on Bruno’s teeth.

Dog Toys from Multipet

Moving on to dog toys! Now, Bruno is typically not interested in toys. The Aromadog Calm Mini Fleece Full Body Bear ​and Aromadog Calming 10” Fleece Full Body Flattie dog toys actually release 100% therapeutic grade essential oils into the air to help keep your dog calm, relaxed and happy. Bruno hates fireworks so their super soft fleece toys provide comfort when he is anxious. They are also perfect for a little selfcare moment with your pup. Make sure to keep an eye on your pet when using a new toy.

Ear Relief Wash & Dry Ear Cleaner Kit + Advanced Hip & Joint from Vet’s Best

Ever since Bruno was a puppy, cleaning his ears was so important to prevent dog ear infections. He’s a digger, so his ears tend to get really dirty. I like that Vet’s Best Ear Relief Wash & Dry Ear Cleaner Kit contains natural ingredients in gentle and soothing combinations, including chamomile, clove oil, tea tree oil, and aloe vera. Bruno’s ears stay clean, fresh and dry between baths. This formula also soothes raw, itchy, and smelly dog ears.

dog ear cleaner

German Shepards are known to have bad hips. Something like Vet’s Best Advance Hip & Joint supplement can helps maintain normal healthy cartilage, connective tissue, and joint mobility. This supplement also includes healthy antioxidants that remove damaging free radicals.

Oratene Brushless Oral Care

Now that Bruno is almost 12 years old, his breath smells like he is 12. I am super excited to start using these three products on him. The Oratene Brushless Oral Care use the power of a patented enzymes system to help keep your dog or cats’ teeth clean, breath fresh, and gums healthy.

The Drinking Water Additive is easy to use. You simply shake well & stir two pumps into 4 cups of fresh drinking water.

I wish I would have discovered this dog Toothpaste Gel sooner. You can either apply it to your dogs teeth with your finger or a brush but now brushing is actually required. Your pet’s tongue and saliva will distribute the product. One tube will last you up to 4 months.

Bruno did so well with the Breath Freshening Spray. You shake the bottle well, spray 3 or more pumps onto teeth, gums and inside cheeks. One bottle will give you about 900 pumps.

Because it is Pet Dental Awareness Month, you can use the discount code ‘Oratenepet’ to save 10% at This code is valid Feb. 1 through March 7.

dog gel toothpastedog breath spray

Doggos Doing Things from Running Press

This is hands down a perfect gift for any dog parent. Made popular from the Instagram account with the same name, you’ll find all types of cute doggos.

iDig from iFetch

Huskies are known to be diggers. Our backyard used to be full of holes. iDig from iFetch is key to keeping your couch cushions and garden safe. I love that they are a family owned business based in Austin, TX, like us! You can use code “BabbleFeb” for 15% off your order of any iDig digging toy (either iDig Stay or the iDig Go) from

Let me know what your favorite products are to spoil your pet. Also let me know if you have already tried any of the products listed. If you found this helpful, don’t forget to share it on Pinterest for other pet parents to see.

XO, Em

siberian husky

14 responses to “Pet Parent Essentials to Spoil Your Dog”

  1. legalleeblondeblog Avatar

    These sound great! I need to share this with the dog mom’s in my life!


  2. That’s great information for pet owners.



  3. I love these cute pup friendly gift baskets! Every Good Boy deserves one!!


  4. Your dog is so cute! These all sound so amazing! Will have to share this with my mom ❤



  5. jenniferpickering22gmailcom Avatar

    I feel like my dog would like the iDig.

    Curated By Jennifer


    1. It’s so fun and entertaining for them.


  6. What a sweet face! I just lost my furbaby just over a month ago, but I spoiled him with all the things for all 17 years of his life. He would have loved some of these! xoxo, Sarah


    1. I am so sorry for your loss. I bet those were 17 glorious years. My boy is 12, so we try to spoil him as much as possible.


  7. These are such cute products! I love getting fun items to spoil my cat, so I’m sure it was really enjoyable to get this for your pup!


  8. So adorable. Looks like a happy pup!


  9. My spoiled little lady pup would love this! And your pup is so adorable!


  10. I need that iDig for my Zoey! I bet it would help with her digging tons of holes in our yard.


  11. aw this is sooo sweet! I really wish we had a pup to spoil with this!

    xo Laura Leigh


  12. I don’t have pets but these boxes sound like such a great idea!


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