At-home Date Night Ideas

At-home Date Night Ideas

You mean, us both working from home, spending every hour of the day, 7 days a week doesn’t count as quality time?? Nope! Indulging in quality time is important to keep your relationship thriving, not just surviving during this time.

Whether you have been with your partner for many years at this point or it’s something new, here are five ideas to help you get creative with a fun date night at home.

Fancy Night

Okay, so we have all been living in lounge wear and our hair is probably 90% dry shampoo at this point. It’s time to dust off your fancy clothing. Order curbside pick up (great way to support local businesses). I usually stay home to wash my hair, do a little makeup and throw on a cute (and still comfy) dress. Boo goes and picks up the food. By the time she is back, I’m ready and off to the dining room we go.

Make your own dinner + a movie

The classic dinner and a movie, at home edition. Pick a meal to make together or maybe one of you cooks and the other makes dessert. Choose your favorite movie or two, because we have time right now and VOILA!

Wine/Beer/Coffee tasting

Pick up a few bottles of wine and different cheeses to pair them with to create your very own wine tasting at home, no Uber needed. Don’t like wine? There’s always beer. Don’t like alcohol? Then maybe have a day date so you can have try different coffees.

Netflix and chill…Literally

I feel like this one is great, especially if you are exhausted from the week – working extra hours, looking after the kids and all of the sudden becoming a teacher. All of the things! Don’t stress over date night and just hang out and spend some quality time with your love while binging Netflix.


Having nice weather where you live? Take date night to the back yard. If you don’t have a backyard, maybe you have a patio or set up a cozy area in your living room. Maybe even order each other a little gift. Boo surprised me by having flowers delivered, it was so sweet and a major surprise.

Throughout each one of these date night ideas, please remember to disconnect from your phone or emails and connect with yourself & your partner. I mention connecting with yourself because you need to make sure you’re okay before anything else. Ask each other how you are doing and don’t forget to hug each other. I love just hugging Boo. Once date night is over, don’t forget about your single friends. They need love too! FaceTime them and have a virtual happy hour! Let’s find ways to stay connected during this time of ‘social distancing’. Let me know if you try any of these ideas.



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14 responses to “At-home Date Night Ideas”

  1. My husband and I freaking LOVE doing an indoor picnic. We’ve done that on anniversaries and birthdays and such, just because we adore it so much. It’s romantic, affordable, and can be SO much fun! Love your ideas here.


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