This is me, at 33!

Hi Babes!! If you are reading this, THANK YOU!! I have been very absent from my blog. But I am back! I wanted some time to reflect on my 33 years on this earth. I cannot believe that I was able to spend my birthday running around Europe. It was truly the best. Head to my IG highlight “Europe 2019” in case you missed it. I also have and IGTV with a few clips from Paddy’s day in Dublin.

New favorite red dress

This is going to be more of a life update.

For those who do not know what I do for a living here’s a little summary. For the past 8-9 years, I have been working for my family’s construction company. I manage the office (all the invoicing, accounts payable & receivable, scheduling, create estimates & more). It is a small family owned business. I became a partner about 2 years ago. While, working for yourself can be super rewarding, working with family has it challenges. In my case, there were things happening that were making me stress and I DO NOT stress, ever.

Boo (my wife), even suggested I leave the company and focus on my blog and creating content for IG. While that would be great, I wouldn’t want to just stop working.

I decided to talk to my family and let them know I would be cutting my hours. I still want to help them. But we just don’t see eye to eye about how the company should operate. And I don’t think my opinions are being heard.

With the free time, I started thinking about what I wanted to do. I started dog sitting! Lol. I know it sounds funny. But as a fur momma, I know how hard it is to find a sitter. Well, I only do that every once in a while.

You may have seen in my stories that I like getting monthly facials and different treatments. I go to Vibrant Med Spa in Round Rock, TX because Heidi is the bomb!!! She’s a good friend of mine and I trust her. She was actually looking to hire someone for her front desk and I offered to help! So I work there now, just part time. But I love it! I love taking care of my skin. And now I get to learn about it even more! From a professional.

I’m still battling with the thought of leaving my family’s business fully. I feel like I would be abandoning them. But I have to do what’s best for me. Right?

So there you have it. I know I never really talk about my 9-5 but I want to let you guys in more. To get to know me better. Thanks for reading and sticking around. It really means so much.

I want to start talking about things I’m passionate about like animals and empowering women! Oh, and travel & luxury handbags, of course!

Thanks again guys. I hope you didn’t fall asleep. Have a fantastic day and I will talk to you very soon!

XO, Em

Polka Dot Dress

2 responses to “This is me, at 33!”

  1. Love this post and getting to know you a bit better!


    1. Yay, I am glad you enjoyed. Thanks for stopping by Em!!


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