So, April decided to just to fly by! I have a few beauty products I used up this month. A mix of skincare, makeup, body and haircare. Hoping to make this a reoccurring post, maybe monthly or seasonally.

I love all of these products so so much! And would repurchase each one again. However!! Because I try many beauty (mainly skincare) products, I wanted to start this series… they won’t always be winners.

Surprisingly, most of these can be found at Target, Amazon and Ulta, all are low toxic, plant based.

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I’ve had this Cinnamon Arnica oil for the longest time and finally started using it. I don’t know why it took me so long but I love it! It’s so moisturizing and you could also use it as a massage oil to help relieve tension. I love the warm cinnamon scent.

Next two body products are sunscreens, shocker! This Antioxidant SPF 50 spray sunscreen is one of my FAVORITE sprays!! I have a large and small travel bottle at all times.

This SPF 45 oil-free, lightweight face and body sunscreen (lotion) truly feels so light on the skin. It’s a new favorite and great if you don’t want to have two different sunscreens for face & body.

Last body product is my current favorite aluminum-free deodorant. Okay, so it almost feels like a thick cream or paste which turned me off at first. However, it’s so good!! Comes in a few different scents but the green one is my favorite. Does an incredible job at keeping odors at bay!


I finished another Brightening cleanser… for like the 10th time. It’s so good!

I was also testing out the Soothing Cleanser for the first time which I will definitely be repurchasing. Actually, I need to a restock of a few Indie Lee favorites. It left my skin incredibly soft and hydrated. It’s a beautiful formula that helps smooth the texture and tone of your skin over time. If you’re on the dry side, try it out!

I think this is my 4th bottle of Go! Barrier Defense Hyaluronic Essence. This mist has ingredients like Aloe Vera, Jojoba and of course, Hyaluronic Acid. Use this after you wash your face in the morning to hydrate your skin and protect it from environmental aggressors. The cucumber scent is super light (I am so sensitive to scents but this one is good!). You can also use this to rehydrate your skin throughout the day or at a festival! LOVE THIS ESSENCE!!!!


The only hair product I have to share is one that I haven’t stopped using since October. This shampoo, made with clean ingredients, has been so gentle on my hair. I’ve only used the Tree Tea & Matcha but I’ve gotten great feedback on IG of the others scents/formulas, especially the one with Biotin. It’s such an inexpensive shampoo and you might be able to find it on sale.

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