Best Skincare Products 2022

image is showing a bottle of each product listed as best in beauty

With a sea full of skincare products, I’m sharing my clean (nontoxic) skincare favorites from 2022. Some you’ll recognize and will be no surprise, however there are a few new-to-me products that made this list. Each one of these products where used until the bottle was completely empty. Keeping this list short and sweet because skincare routines shouldn’t be complicated.

Let’s jump right into it!

image is showing a bottle of each product listed as best in beauty
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Best in Cleanser (normal, combo, dry & acne prone): YTTP’s Superfood Cleanser truly is like a green juice for your face with ingredients like kale, spinach and green tea. It leaves the skin feeling refreshed and super clean without over drying.

Best in Cleanser (sensitive, dry): When I need something soothing or moisturizing, I’ll reach for Indie Lee’s Soothing Cleanser. It feels so nourishing and calming. I started using this cleanser at the beginning of last year for the first time and I never looked back!

Best in Toner: No surprise here. Best toner this year was my holy grail COQ-10 Toner from Indie Lee. The hydration this gives my skin is the reason why it’s my go-to toner.

Best in serum: Ghost Democracy sent over a few of their products and I fell in LOVE with their Floodgate Hyaluronic Acid Serum. My dry skin loves this fast absorbing HA + Niacinamide serum and it’s also amazing for hydrating oily skin (& all skin types). Leaves the skin feeling hydrated and plump.

Best in moisturizer: After searching high and low for a moisturizer that was moisturizing enough for my dry skin but wasn’t going to feel thick, I finally found the perfect one. ORMEDIC balancing biopeptide crème is a nourishing crème with shea butter, mango butter and plant oils to nourish and replenish moisture-depleted skin. Basically the best moisturizer that melts into the skin while hydrating and soothing.

Best in Facial Oil: This one was a toss up between two oils I hadn’t tried before. Ultimately, I decided on Indie Lee’s newest oil, Botanical Boost. It’s fast absorbing, non-greasy and perfect for all skin types. Contains ingredients like Vitamin E which helps even skin tone and Avocado, Rosehip and Squalane oils to lock-in moisture.

Best in Sunscreen: Once Go! Vacation Glow Illuminating Primer, SPF 30 Bronzing Skin Tint came into my life, I haven’t reached for anything else. This SPF does have a glowy, illuminating finish, just a heads up incase that’s not something you care for. Solara has proven to make incredible suncare products and once I run out of Go! Vacation Glow, I can’t wait to try a few products from their Luxe Collection.

Best in Lip Treatment/Balm: Everyone needs to know about Image Skincare’s ORMEDIC balancing lip treatment. If anyone tries to tell me what they are using is better, no it’s not. This moisturizes, soothes, nourishes without being sticky. It’s so good!

Best in Deodorant: The chokehold that Megababe Deodorant has on me is ridiculous. Especially The Green Deo (but all are amazing). It’s aluminum free and great for stinky pits! I’ll have a separate blog post elaborating on this deo and other Megababe products.

Check out my most recent hydrating skincare routine video using a few of the products mentioned in this blog post!

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