Best Reusable Straws

I’ve been recently trying to eliminate using single-use plastic and have a more plastic free home. Knowing that in The United States alone, we use enough plastic straws per day to wrap around the Earth 2 and a half times is just incredible.

Plastic straws are so light-weight that it’s easy for them to be blown away and into the water. Image all the people hanging out at a beach front resort, drinking a Mai Tai (or something fruity with a straw & umbrella). So many of those straws end up in our beautiful oceans, killing our marine life.

So, what can we do?? So many people are starting to reach for reusable straws! I’ve put a list together of my favorite ones and a few I want to check out! All of them can be found on Amazon.

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Silicone straws are so soft and perfect for travel. My favorites are from GoSili because they are durable but there are so many great options. There are even some silicone straws specifically for Boba tea! These are great if you have little ones.


I have yet to try Bamboo straws but this is a great alternative to plastic. Bamboo is just a great option in general because it can grow to full size in about 3-4 months and requires little maintenance. I will say, this option will decompose fastest.


Glass straws look the best, in my opinion. I have really enjoyed using mine and the glass is actually thicker than I thought it would be. I’ll link my exact ones here. Glass is infinitely recyclable, which is why I prefer it.


Metal straws are really affordable and super easy to clean. These are the most narrow of the bunch, which I love. Some people don’t care for them because of teeth sensitivity. I don’t find that to be an issue, but if you do, the next option is for you. 

Metal/Silicone hybrid

You can find plenty of metal straws with silicone tips. Making them super comfortable to use. My favorites are collapsible, metal on the outside and silicone on the inside and the top. These are from Final Straw and great to travel with! 

Hope this list helps you find your perfect reusable straw. If you already have one, I’d love to hear about it!

XO, Em


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17 responses to “Best Reusable Straws”

  1. I love reusable straws! Such a good idea!


  2. I don’t use straws at all, but I think bamboo straws look awesome, and I have tried agave straws before as well.


  3. Wow these are such great options!! I have a metal one but now I’d like to look into the glass one as well!



    1. The glass look so good and surprisingly sturdier than I expected.


  4. I didn’t know there are so many options. I wanna check few of these options.



    1. yes, there are so many! Hope this helps you find something you like.


  5. I didn’t even know there were glass options! We have quite a few plastic ones, may need to upgrade!


  6. This is so helpful! thank you for sharing. My husband and I are making an effort to recycle/reusable containers and need to look into reusable straws.


  7. I appreciate the breakdown of options. Currently have metal ones, but am really interested in trying glass. Thanks for sharing! xoxo, Sarah


  8. jenniferpickering22gmailcom Avatar

    I have a lot of metal and glass straws from Simply Straws and I love them!!

    Curated By Jennifer


  9. I need to check these out! I definitely am not a huge fan of paper straws, but want to be more conscience of the environment.


  10. I bought a whole set of metal straws a few years ago and I love them. I don’t use straws super often as it is, but when I do want one, these are the kind I reach for. I’d love to get some other options in the future to mix it up!


  11. These are so good!! I bought some reusable straws, but haven’t started using them yet. Buying is the first step though, right?!


  12. I love this post! I’ve switched to all reusable straws at home and I think glass are my favorite, too!


  13. I’m a big fan of metal straws because they’re easier to clean! The only thing is it hurts when you knock your teeth against it!


  14. We LOVE metal straws in our house – even my kids! They are so easy to clean!


  15. I’m going to check these out! I love reusable straws, I use them everyday for work when I bring my water and smoothies! Thanks for sharing! Xx.


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