Self-care tips + $1000 Amazon giveaway

With everything going on in the world… please do not forget to take care of yourself. Some of us are still quarantined, some out protesting, others having conversations with our families & friends, while others are reading and education themselves. All of it can take a toll on our well being.

How can we expect to take care of others, if we don’t take care of ourselves?

I’ve put together 5 self-care tips to implement into your life now or anytime you might need a little “me time”. You can click on any image below to be taken to the product.

Get plenty of rest

Getting a good nights sleep is so important. Many of us have been thrown off our regular sleeping schedule. Eye masks are a great way to block out light and help you get to sleep faster. You can also spray a little lavender mist on your pillows before bed.

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Move your body

When you wake up in the morning, dedicate 5 mins to really stretch your body. A great way to release tension is by going on a 30 mins walk or exercising at home. I find it’s always helpful to have a great pair of leggings that can be used for workouts and lounging.

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At home pedicure

I’ve saved so much money by not being able to go to the salon every two weeks lol. I found this amazing diamond foot file that will last you for YEARS. Keep it in your shower & give your feet a little scrub once a week. This is the youtube video where I discovered the foot file. It’s crazy how well it works.

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Facial Massage

Something you can do when you have extra time in the morning or when your face is feeling a little puffy is use an ice roller. I love putting on a hydrating mask and using the roller over the mask. It’s so calming, & like a mini facial in 5 minutes.

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 Relax your shoulders

It can feel like you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. This heated shoulder massager will help you relax. Keep it near your bed or couch. This would also be a great Father’s Day gift, just saying!

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It’s so important to take care of your mind, body & soul always, not just when you don’t feel well.

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11 responses to “Self-care tips + $1000 Amazon giveaway”

  1. Caitlin Houston Avatar
    Caitlin Houston

    It’s crazy how much tension we hold in our shoulders – so I totally love this tip!


  2. These are amazing ideas! I definitely think it’s important to develop a self-care routine and incorporate little things into our everyday life 🙂



  3. Yes! Totally agree on all your tips! I have the same massager and it is seriously the best!


  4. rebecca piersol Avatar
    rebecca piersol

    YES these are such great tips, girl!!! We have one of those shoulder massagers and it is a game changer!

    xx rebecca //


  5. legalleeblondeblog Avatar

    Ok I NEED To get that heated shoulder massager!!


  6. Self care has been very much needed lately, these tips and ideas are perfect! I gave myself a pedicure this weekend and it was the best. Now I need that massager…


  7. If it weren’t for quarantine, I don’t think I would have gotten all the self care I put in the last few weeks, but I’m glad I did! Only made it clear I need to make it a regular thing! xoxo, Sarah


  8. I need to get that massage device for my shoulders. I take care to practice all the other tips, but my shoulder muscles are always ridiculously tense from sitting over my laptop all day. That looks really soothing! Great pieces of advice here!


  9. At home workouts and face mask have been the only things helping me get through quarantine. Hopefully this will all be over soon!


  10. These are really great tips, and I love the idea of doing your own mani and pedi. I tried to do that a lot throughout quarantine and it is definitely a bit tricky because mine never turn out quite as good. How do your turn out??


  11. all of these tips are so good & ones I follow, too


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