Dove VS Secret – Aluminum Free Deodorant

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About 4 years ago, I made the decision to ditch antiperspirants for all natural deodorants. Not gonna lie, it was pretty hard. I live in Texas and the summers are brutal here.

Antiperspirants contain aluminum – the aluminum forms little plugs in your sweat glands which slows down your sweat production.

Now, I have tried A LOT of different all natural deodorants. After putting many to the test, I have found one by JASON that I really love. Its a dry spray in fresh cucumber (I stay away from deodorants with baking soda – I’m sensitive to it). Until recently, you had to go whole food stores to find aluminum free deodorants. FINALLY bigger brands, found at most stores, have created deodorants FREE FROM ALUMINUM. I put Dove and Secret to the test.


I picked up the Daylilly scent which is, I think, is their signature scent. Its clear, solid and smells great when you first open it. BUT there’s a slight moldy scent that I started smelling once it warms up on the skin. It’s a very faint smell. It almost smells like clothes that have been left wet in the washer.

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This is a white, solid bar but it goes on clear. I opted for the cucumber & green tea scent – it reminded me of Bath and Body Work’s cucumber melon lol. I love this scent. It’s very fresh.

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Both feel great on the skin – they don’t leave residue behind. You will sweat because again, its not an antiperspirant. They both do a GREAT job of masking odors BUT I find that the DOVE 0% Aluminum Free keeps me smelling fresh, longer. I can’t get over the mildew scent from the Secret deo. After trying them both for about a month, I find the Dove deo performs better. I am so excited that big brands like Dove and Secret are now offering their consumers ALUMINUM FREE options.

XO, Em

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10 responses to “Dove VS Secret – Aluminum Free Deodorant”

  1. I have been thinking about making the switch to a new, all natural deodorant. I may have to do a little test like you did to find which one is right for me.

    xoxo Sarah


  2. Oh wow thank you for this honest review! I’ve been wondering about the different between these two!



  3. This is great to hear about all the aluminum free options out there! I will have to try them out. Thanks for the reviews!



  4. It’s good to know about the differences between these products. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience!


  5. I love this! I had no idea that these brands even had aluminum free deodorant!


  6. I didn’t know these brands made alternative aluminum free options! Thanks for sharing love


  7. Thanks so much for your review of these two aluminum free options! I’m personally a big fan of Dove and love the cucumber scent.

    xo, Laura


  8. Adaleta Avdić Avatar
    Adaleta Avdić

    I have been using natural deodorant lately and although I still sweat a lot, I love not putting harmful chemicals into my body.


  9. Love that you compared these! The aluminum free options make such a difference!


  10. […] Last year, Secret developed a new aluminum free deodorant. I recently picked up and put it to the test! They already had a clear gel version which I reviewed and compared to Dove’s 0 aluminum deodorant, you can read more about that here. […]


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