Louis Vuitton Wonderland Boot Review

Last year, was the year of designer shoes for me. I blame my wife for this. I am much more a handbag girl, but she has influenced me to fall in LOVE with designer shoes. While in Barcelona, Spain we popped into the Louis Vuitton store, just to browse lol. The store had a wall FULL of boots. I believe they had just launched them. Okay, on to the review!

Here is a great dupe from a contemporary brand.


The calfskin the boots are made of is so supple yet very sturdy

These boots are so COMFORTABLE. I didn’t have to break them in, they were comfy right away.

I haven’t noticed the leather being too delicate. I have a few small scratches (very minor) & no water stains!

They are easy to clean. Take a slightly damp cloth to wipe away dirt.


The Twist lock closure on the buckle can be finicky. You have to make sure to line everything up well in order to twist the buckle.

Why the Wonderland Boot?

Wonderland Ranger $1450
Wonderland Flat Ranger $1350
Wonderland Flat Ranger $1720











There are different variations of the Wonderland boot. The ones I had to choose from were the all black leather or the leather and monogram canvas version. I preferred the all leather version because 1: the price difference isn’t much (about $100 USD). I rather pay for all leather and not canvas. 2: The all black is a lot more understated than the monogram in my opinion.

When my wife and I saw the Wonderland boots… we both knew they were right up my alley. For the past like 2 years, I had been wearing a similar $40 version of those boots. I definitely knew I was going to get a flat boot, no heels for me. I wanted to be able to wear them ALL THE TIME. I’ll link more affordable options below.


Sizing and Final Thoughts

The boots run true to size for me. I normally wear a size 39 and that was the perfect size in the boots. The rubber soles are so sturdy. They are thick but do not weigh you down.

So, I love these boots. They were definitely an impulse purchase but I do not regret it!! I have only worn them with pants but I want to style them with a white, flowy dress. They just look great with so many different outfits. Let me know if you have additional questions.


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