Paris Travel Guide

Bonjour, Queens! To say that I miss Paris is definitely an understatement. I went last year for about 24 hours and that just wasn’t enough time. This year, we flew into Paris on a Thursday evening and had all day Friday (my birthday) to explore. I wanted to share a few tips and places to go to if you plan on going to the City of Love.

Where to Stay

Next time we will stay in the very cool & trendy Marais District – 4th arrondissement or 2nd arrondissement – near the Louvre and Notre Dame. There’s so much to see in that area.


The first time we stayed in a hotel a block away from the Eiffel Tower (7th Arr.). The most recent time, we stayed next to Trocadero (16th Arr.) which is across the Seine River from the Eiffel Tower. There is just something about the Eiffel Tower that I LOVE. While it is beautiful to be able to look out and see the Eiffel Tower, there is just so much more to Paris.

Tip: One thing I noticed is that renting out an entire apartment can be more affordable than renting a hotel room. It’s worth checking out Airbnb before making any final decisions.

Where to Eat

Okay, so there are COUNTLESS places to eat. I’ll share the two amazing places we found on our most recent trip.

Bo Zinc Cafe

We arrived to Paris in the evening and googled a restaurant that stays open late. Bo Zinc was about a mile away from our apartment so walked over. Everything is in French. Luckily our server spoke Spanish and the bartender spoke English! Yay!! Its a very cozy, neighborhood cafe. The food was yummy and the drinks were DELICIOUS. We stayed till about 2 AM with the guys that worked there lol.

Le Colimaçon

Named after it’s cute spiral stair case, this restaurant is located in the Marais District and serves delicious, classic French food. This is where I had my birthday dinner. It was recommended to me by a local. Also very cozy. Order the escargot, you won’t regret it.










Places to Visit

Jardins du Trocadero

I mentioned earlier this is where we stayed on our most recent trip. This garden is a must if you want to get some great pictures of the Eiffel Tower.











Jardin du Palais Royal

Bloggers – this is a great place for content. It is a beautiful garden, perfect for pictures. It is walking distance to the Louvre Museum and Notre Dame.












Rue Cambon

If you’re a lux lover, you can’t go to Paris without visiting Rue Cambon. Check out the GORGEOUS Chanel Flagship store. A few doors down, is Faure Le Page, which is my new favorite fashion house. Such great quality and service!!










Tip: If you know ZERO French, please at least say bonjour when you walk into a store/restaurant. You shouldn’t walk into a place assuming the employees speak English. If you can, learn how to ask you someone speaks English “Parlez vous Anglais, s’ils vous plait?”

If you have been wanting to go, I hope you get to go to Paris soon. It’s such a magical city. I’m already dreaming about our next trip. Maybe we will get to explore more of the city and the country side.

Let me know if you have any Paris tips or recommendations.

XO, Em

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6 responses to “Paris Travel Guide”

  1. How 2 Wear It Avatar
    How 2 Wear It

    I love that you shared some good places for bloggers to get content! Also, LOVE your red jacket!

    How 2 Wear It []


  2. sounds like it was a great trip! Can’t wait to go to Paris


  3. Caitlin Houston Avatar
    Caitlin Houston

    I’ve always wanted to go to Paris! Your red coat is beyond beautiful.


  4. Caitlin Houston Avatar
    Caitlin Houston

    Loving your red coat so much. Paris is on my bucket list!


  5. Paris is breathtaking! I loved all your amazing pictures. That’s a beautiful dress. I’ve always loved the polka dots print.



  6. Dying to visit Paris! Thanks for your recommendations!


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