Luxury Roses Review + James Avery Gift Guide

Last Valentine’s, my sweet wife surprised me by driving THREE HOURS to pick up these gorgeous luxury roses. They’re suppose to last a year with no maintenance required. I am all about having fresh flowers in the house… especially if they last a year.

How the roses looked the day I got them 2/14/18

Now that it has been a year, I wanted to share my thoughts on these so called ‘luxury roses’ or ‘eternity roses’. Like, how can real roses last a year? Well I don’t have the answer to ‘how’ but I can tell you, they are the real deal!


My wife got mine from B Roses. I couldn’t be happier with the quality. They are super low maintenance. All I did was dust them occasionally and kept them out of direct sunlight. I didn’t mess with them too much. After a year, they look absolutely gorgeous. The petals feel a tiny bit dry/stiff but they are not wilting at all. They do not need water. To learn more on how to care for them, click here.

Roses are such a timeless gift. Another classic gift I love giving (and receiving) is the beautiful jewelry from James Avery. There is always a perfect piece to celebrate life’s special moments. For Valentine’s I chose James Avery’s new Heirloom Heart Ring. There are so many gorgeous pieces, I’ve linked a few of my recent favorites below.

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If you are thinking of getting the roses as a gift for someone or for yourself, DO IT. They are worth every penny. I want another box thb. Maybe, I’ll get white ones for my bday (hint, hint Boo).

XO, Em

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