Staycation in Austin

Last month for Halloween, my wife, Bruno and I decided to treat ourselves to a staycation. A “staycation” is just a vacation in your home town. We were joined by my cousin and her boyfriend. They love scary movies just as much as I do, so that was pretty much the prefect Halloween scenario. Who doesn’t like the Exorcist?!?!

We decided to stay in the heart of downtown Austin, at the historic Driskill Hotel on 6th street. It’s within walking distance of so many amazing restaurants, bars, museums and did I mention, bars? Back in the day (ha I’m only 32!), I would have dropped off my stuff in the room & gone straight to one of the hundreds of bars.

This time, we dropped off our bags and walked to Jo’s Coffee shop for their Ugly Dog contest benefiting the Austin Humane Society. The ASPCA was kind enough to invite Bruno. We sat down, had lunch & listened to live music (we are in Austin after all – live music capitol of the world).

For dinner we went to Pelon’s Tex Mex. Great queso, drinks and conversations. I love catching up with my cousin, she’s the little sister I never had. Pelon’s patio was the perfect setting for family time.


The rest of the night was spent at the hotel. They had dog bowls and a dog bed waiting for Bruno! The staff were all so sweet to my boy. I love how pet friendly they are. Oh, before I forget, we stay there the same weekend as the Austin Film Festival. It was so busy. They were fully booked that night. Even with all their guests, the hotel staff was just the best! We never felt rushed and check in was a breeze! Thank you so much to the Driskill for being so wonderful.

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