Neo Noe Canvas VS Epi Leather

The beautiful and highly sought after Louis Vuitton Neo Noe. Ever since it was introduced in February 2017, it has been in high demand and has gone through not one but TWO price increases (in the States). When we first saw this bag, it came in monogram canvas with cowhide trims in black, rose and red. Now, because of it popularity, it is available in Epi leather in seven different color leathers, each having a different colored interior. Black is the only monotone option. It was even introduced in Monogram and Damier Azur for the Summer Trunks collection and in the Masters Collections.

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History and Features



“Designed in 1932 to transport bottles of Champagne, the Noé returns for Spring 17 as the NéoNoé, an on-trend bucket bag in supple Monogram canvas with colorful calf-leather accents and an adjustable strap that lengthens for a modern, cross-body carry.”

Canvas Features

– 10.2 x 8.7 x 10.8 inches
– Monogram coated canvas
– Colorful calf-leather trim
– Colorful bonded microfiber lining
– Gold-color metal hardware
– Drawstring closure
– Adjustable long strap with press studs
– Inside zipped pocket

Epi Leather Features *All the above with a few differences

– 10.2 x 10.2 x 6.7 inches
– Epi leather
– Bonded and colorful microfiber lining
– Silver colored metallic pieces
– 1 removable top handle

Prices range from $1590 – $3200 (as of May 2018)

According to the Louis Vuitton Website.


Structure and Straps

Canvas: More supple, it becomes softer over time. You can wear it as a shoulder bag and crossbody. The strap softens as well. It is very comfortable. I use to wear this one as a crossbody bag more so than on my shoulder.

Epi Leather: Very sturdy. A lot stiffer than the canvas. The strap is also stiffer but it is comfortable. For some reason I wear this one on my shoulder more than crossbody. I also love using the additional top handle. Makes this bag a little more versatile.

Wear and Tear/ Quality

Canvas: I did not notice wear on the actual canvas. It does soften up as I mentioned before but not to the point where is becomes slouchy. The stitching along the bottom as (where the sides of the bag and bottom piece of canvas unite) was not straight. I purchased this bag in March 2017 as my birthday gift but had to exchange it because of the stitching. I also has to return it one year later (March 2018) because the glazing along the top of the bag began to split.

Epi Leather: Since I have only had this bag two months, consider this a first impression. I have worn this bag quite a bit and I do not see any wear. Epi leather is super durable. The structure is the same as when it came home. Every stitch is perfect.

My Overall Thoughts and Preference

Being that I had to exchange my Canvas Neo Noe in Black for a second time, Louis Vuitton brought me the Black Epi Leather version. I do prefer the Epi version. As soon as I took the Epi Neo Noe out of the dust bag, I could tell the quality was 10 times better than the canvas version. Maybe because it’s all leather and more expensive. But we are talking about a high end designer here. ALL of there bags are expensive and we should see exceptional quality no matter what material we choose.

I must admit, I do miss my canvas Neo Noe. I really liked her. But the beautiful all black Epi Leather with silver hardware is more my style. Either way, I absolutely love this bag! The day I publish this blog is National Mimosa Day! I will be bring this baby along with me to the store so it can help me “transport bottles of champagne”. I hope this was helpful. If you have this purse or are thinking of purchasing it, tell me below in the comments! Id love to hear from you!!

XO Emely


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